KASKO 3% for used cars from the USA

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Why KASKO 3%
Fill the form above and get an exclusive opportunity to insure a car under the full hull insurance system without for 3% per year
Depending on your car parameters we will tailor the KASKO from the best insurance company and will contact you within a day at business hours.
24/7 cover from hi-jacking from any storage location
Road accidents
Road accidents are fully covered
Illegal actions
Insurance covers all types of illegal actions of third parties aimed at damage and (or) destruction of your property
Natural disasters, including fires
Consequences of hurricane winds, hail, storms, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters

What is CASCO?

CASCO is a comprehensive insurance of your own car against a full package of risks, regardless of fault. In other words, CASCO is a complete financial protection of the vehicle in case of unforeseen circumstances that may occur with the car.

How to buy KASKO for a used car for only 3% per year - step-by-step instruction

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Wait for the approval and confirmation of the possibility of insurance within an hour.
  3. Get an offer (offers) from insurance companies of CASCO partners for 3%
  4. Pay an advance payment of UAH 300. for a photo session of the vehicle, registration and sending of documents.
  5. Photo session of a clean vehicle in daylight at the place of your request within the city (once) - 10-15 quality photos.
  6. Registration of documents on the day of the photo session, if the photo session took place before 15:00.
  7. Obtaining a draft (sample contract) to confirm the terms of insurance and registration of the original insurance contract.
  8. Signing the contract by the insurance company. Obtaining a photocopy of the contract signed by the insurance company.
  9. Payment of annual insurance payment in the amount of not more than 3% of the cost of the car less UAH 300. advance payment.
  10. Receiving the original CASCO insurance contract for 3% within 1-3 days using the Nova Poshta service.
  11. Insurance coverage takes effect from 00:00 the next day after payment of the annual insurance payment of 3% of the value of the car less UAH 300. advance payment.
  12. Your car is insured for a whole year from the full package of risks of full CASCO 24 on 7 during parking and parking.

Exclusive quotation, selection, approval, confirmation, online ordering, registration and purchase of comprehensive classic motor hull insurance for a full package of risks from the market leaders of insurance at prices below the market

The project involves only reliable insurance companies with a high rating of MTIBU, with an international brand and experience in the Ukrainian insurance market for at least 10 years:
ARX, Euroins, Prince, Ukrainian Insurance Group, Universal, ROM, Grave

Why only 3%?

The product "CASCO insurance for 3% of the price" aims to promote full insurance of vehicles imported from the United States, to minimize possible financial losses during the first year of operation in Ukraine.

Car owners from the United States understand better than anyone else the problems faced by buyers during long-term manipulations to assess losses and repair cars. Because for this they paid out of pocket almost 15-50% of the auction value of the car. And spent almost six months waiting.

That is why American car owners are frugal, careful, tidy people who value their time and money.

The Rinokstrahovka.ua team discovered this pain of car owners, agreed with market leaders on the minimum possible price and agreed on the only tariff available to car owners of 3%, which is available only on the rinokstrahovka.ua service.


For 3% of the cost of the car you will receive an annual insurance of full classic CASCO of your car from the risks of accidents, illegal seizure, fire, explosion, illegal actions of 3 people, natural persons, falling objects, 24 hours a day during the year during traffic, parking and parking.

You can get CASCO insurance for 3% if: the year of manufacture of your car on the registration certificate is not older than 2018, driving experience of admitted drivers not less than 2 years, age of allowed drivers not less than 25 years.
After filling out the form (at the link) for 1 hour you will be contacted by a specialist to clarify a few questions. After that, your application is sent for approval. After confirming the possibility of insurance (for another hour) with the help of Viber you will be sent at least 1-offer-insurance option for 3% with the basic terms of insurance coverage and deductible.

You will receive at least one offer from one insurance company of the project partner, if the terms of your application are the terms of CASCO insurance for 3%. The rinokstrahovka.ua team guarantees that the offer will be from one (or several) of the insurance companies of the project partners.