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Benefits of Osago with Rinokstrahovka?

In order to calculate the cost of compulsory civil liability insurance of land vehicle owners (OSAGO) from various insurance companies of Ukraine in one place on the RINOKSTRAHOVKA website, just click on the «FIND» button.
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Benefits of OSAGO online

The electronic OSAGO policy instantly enters the MTIBU database. In "ДІЯ", the policy appears the next day, when the insurance coverage begins. Secondly, it is not necessary to print the policy online: it is enough to show it in a visual form from the phone screen. Thirdly, if printed on a regular A4 sheet, it can be presented in paper form. Fourth, if the paper version is lost, you do not need to go to the insurance company to restore it. Well, of course the same price: the cost of compulsory auto insurance online is cheaper than offline in the offices of insurance companies.
Thanks to the insurance aggregator https://rinokstrahovka.ua/en/osago-online-car-insurance-plans, you can compare many options in one place, buy the most suitable car policy and save your money, getting the maximum benefit. Convenient calculation and online purchase of a OSAGO policy make insurance a simple and quick service to free up your time and money for more important matters.

How to buy OSAGO online

To do this, you need to use the online service to purchase OSAGO online using the Internet. An online service is a site where you can apply for an OSAGO policy without leaving your home or office. It could be the site of either an insurance company, or an insurance agent, or an insurance aggregator. The website of the insurance company offers OSAGO online only for its own company. The insurance agent's website offers options for one or more companies. The site of the insurance aggregator rinokstrahovka.ua offers options for more than 30+ insurance companies and applies additional discounts.
Before buying OSAGO online on the site, make sure that the site has an SSL certificate. This is the security of your personal data. We recommend buying OSAGO online in Ukraine on first-level domains, preferably "name dot ua". For example: rinokstrahovka.ua. It takes more time and resources to get a domain name dot ua. All this is aimed purely at the safety and reliability of purchasing auto insurance on the Internet. Also make sure that the online insurance service is registered with a legal entity in Ukraine. Preferably with the same name as in the domain. This will secure the purchase of OSAGO online from scammers.
In order to purchase OSAGO online on the website, just go to the corresponding page of the website, for example, http://rinokstrahovka.ua/en/osago-online-car-insurance-plans, enter the necessary parameters to determine all insurance options. To determine the price of the OSAGO policy, it is enough to know the type of vehicle (for example, a passenger car), the sub-type of the vehicle (in the case of a passenger car, this is the engine capacity or an electric car) and the owner's registration address according to the registration certificate (namely, the owner's settlement from the registration certificate defines the so-called zone, which includes this settlement). After that, you just need to click the "calculate" button and see the options for all companies in one place. The options differ depending on the insurance company, deductible, and other important benefits and options. Among the many options, you can choose the one that suits you best by clicking on the "buy" button. After filling in personal data (full name, identification code, passport data, address) and vehicle data (vehicle type, brand, model, registration state number, VIN number, year of manufacture), you can check the correctness of the entered data and buy the policy online. If all the data is entered correctly, you can successfully buy a policy online and receive it to your email account. If, for some reason, after the payment, the policy does not come to the email inbox, do not worry, perhaps some data was entered with an error. Then, in the near future the manager will contact you and manually send the OSAGO policy online to your e-mail. You do not have to wait for a call - but call the manager yourself or write to the open line in a convenient way (viber, telegram, online chat). If for some reason you change your mind about the policy after payment, before its entry into force, you will be refunded without any problems. If there are errors in the policy or you need to make some corrections - all this is possible thanks to high-quality insurance service. To verify the authenticity and validity of the online policy, make sure that it is entered in the MTIBU.

OSAGO legislation online

OSAGO is a compulsory liability insurance for drivers in Ukraine. Every driver must take care of the presence of motor third party liability insurance before getting behind the wheel of a car. The norm of "compulsory" of this car insurance was introduced back in 2004, when the Law of Ukraine "About OSAGO" was signed (the people decided to call it simply "OSAGO" or "Civil" for consonance). It is deciphered as follows: Law of Ukraine on compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of land vehicles.
In the first edition of the Law, compulsory car insurance was made exclusively for the owner. Now it can be done on any driver. Therefore, now it would be more correct to call "compulsory insurance of drivers", rather than owners. Now OSAGO car insurance can be done for any driver (even if he is not the owner), and mandatory car insurance applies to all drivers who are and will be driving this car legally. What is the legal basis? Since the power of attorney was revoked, now the legal basis is simply the presence of a driver's license of the required category and a car registration certificate (technical passport). And the "verbal" permission of the owner to drive (so it will be clear that the car is not stolen). That's all. Therefore, if the car is used by several people, it is enough to buy one policy for all. This is an advantage: the car insurance policy applies completely to the car, ie it applies to all drivers.
Compulsory driver liability insurance (OSAGO) is not a "pass" fee or a driving license. Or a document for the police. All this is a misunderstanding and perception of this car insurance. OSAGO is first of all insurance. And since the car is a risk of increased danger, it would be important to insure your liability in case of fault in case of possible financial losses associated with it. Under this insurance, the driver insures his liability on the road in the event of an accident. That is, if as a result of road accident the driver is guilty of incident, the insurance company instead will pay for material damage and for health, - to victims. Therefore under this insurance victims in road accident from violations of traffic rules by the culprit are insured. Thanks to compulsory motor insurance, the perpetrator delegates responsibility for the event to the insurance company, which guarantees insurance compensation for property and life to the victims of the accident. Therefore, in order not to worry about possible financial losses as a result of a collision with an expensive and not very expensive car, and mandatory car insurance was introduced.
A revolutionary step was the introduction of compulsory insurance in electronic form. This is the same car as on the forms, but in visual form. The advantages of electronic car insurance are its simplicity, speed and reliability. Thanks to the civilian online, now you do not need to spend time looking for the office of the insurance company or insurance agent, because you can register it online without leaving home. You can show the policy to the police, road users or any other person directly from the screen of your gadget. Moreover, this rule is already enshrined in law in the rules of the road p.2.1.
After registration, the electronic car online immediately enters the MTIBU. And the next day before "ДІЯ". And you can check it yourself. To do this, simply scan the QR code in the lower right corner of the policy using the QR code scanner program (this feature is also available in Viber). If you do not have such an application on your smartphone, you can visit the official website of the MTIBU and go to the link "check car insurance". There you can check the osago policy online or by the state number of the car or by the number of the electronic policy. Electronic policies that have been purchased online must be deposited with the MTIBU CBD immediately. Therefore, if you have opened this policy - then it is already in the database. The osago electronic policy is a simple visual PDF file that can be displayed directly from the smartphone screen or can be printed on a regular A4 sheet to make it "paper".

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