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Why compare insurance with us?

There are close to 200 insurance companies in Ukraine providing protection to our lives and our assets such as vehicles, home, so on and so fore. Whether it is life insurance, health insurance, motor insurance, home insurance o any other insurance policy, we need to ensure that our assets are secure. At Rinokstrahovka, we strive to cut through the clutter and the jargon to help you select the best insurance solution.

  • By comparing, you can get the best insurance policy for your needs
  • Save money by buying feature rich insurance plans at lower premiums
  • We are unbiased and we do not have favorites
  • Oh yes, ours is a free service!

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Rinokstrahovka is an online service of profitable comparison and convenient conclusion of insurance services without leaving your home or office. In other words, Rinokstrahovka is an all-Ukrainian web aggregator, an online supermarket for convenient and profitable purchase of insurance products.

The main goal of Rinokstrahovka is literally contained in the company logo: “compare, buy, save”. Comparing offers from insurance companies in Ukraine, you have the opportunity to buy the best, according to your needs, while saving time and money. Thus, Rinokstrahovka is a 24 by 7 by 365 insurance market in your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer, with the opportunity to purchase the best insurance product right now.

An important advantage of Rinokstrahovka is the acquisition of an insurance service (insurance product) at the lowest possible price, without intermediaries. This feature allows you to compare the offers of many insurance companies in one place without visiting offices, sites and other locations of insurance companies. Also, almost all insurance companies are subject to cycles of growth and fall in insurance revenues, indemnities, loss ratio. All this affects the insurance rate (price) of the insurance service at a given time. Therefore, the Rinokstrahovka is almost an exact reflection of the tariff (price) policy of each insurance company at any given time.

Rinokstrahovka offers insurance services to more than 20 insurance companies in Ukraine for all the most common types of insurance: • OSAGO (Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance of Land Vehicle Owners or Motor 3d part insurance). Thanks to the function of Rinokstrahovka, offers can be compared depending on the insurance company, franchise, limit on additional liability, and other important characteristics. • Travel insurance (Voluntary, but at the same time, necessary and recommendatory travel insurance for travelers abroad). • Green Card (Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance in the territory of the Green Card member countries). Unlike OSAGO, the prices for the Green Card are the same in all insurance companies. However, the Rinokstrahovka functionality allows you to make additional discounts depending on various factors. • MiniCASCO. In the near future, a unique functionality will be launched that allows you to compare CASCO economy programs of various insurance companies online. The possibility of online or telephone consultation on this product has already been launched. • CASCO. Coming soon online. Support and consultation is already available. • Home insurance. Online soon. • Life insurance. Online soon. • Health insurance. Online soon. • Accident Insurance. Online soon. • Medicine without borders. Online soon. • Medicine for foreigners. Online soon. • Insurance of leased (rental) property. Online soon.

Partnership Rinokstrahovka with insurance companies of Ukraine - improves the quality of insurance services in Ukraine and demonstrates the lowest prices of insurance products directly from insurers directly on the site online.

In the age of information technology, the Rinokstrahovka has a strong technological advantage, which makes the insurance process simple, convenient, hassle-free and modern. Rinokstrahovka uses convenient forms, filters, settings for receiving and processing data. Due to this, site visitors use all the advantages necessary for acquiring insurance services in the most convenient way.

Also, visitors to the site open up unique opportunities for a personal account (Account). The whole history of searches, orders, purchased insurance policies, accumulated bonuses, reminders and much more is available today.

Rinokstrahovka is not just a convenient Internet portal with many useful benefits for policyholders. It also has a knowledge base, a blog, current news and much more - all from A to Z in insurance.

Rinokstrahovka activities are fully regulated in accordance with Ukrainian and international legislation. The administrator of the Internet resource is Rinokstrahovka Ltd, which is a payer of income tax on a common basis.

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